Keith Alton Photography – Cleveland Area Photographer

Keith Alton Photography

Keith Maguire, owner and photographer at Keith Alton Photography, is an experienced photographer in the Cleveland area, working out of his Lakewood studio to provide portrait photography.  Keith got into the art of photography when he fell in love with the still image, using different techniques, film, cameras, prints and technology.  Keith uses multiple cameras depending on the subject's needs and location.  

Keith enjoys taking a special approach to photography, pulling out meaning and artistic expression with each work.  At Keith Alton Photography your end result is more personal than a portrait from a chain or portrait mill. Keith feels it is important to take the time to understand his clients and create an atmosphere that will deliver a personal and meaningful portrait.  Although Keith works out of a studio in Lakewood, much of his photography is done on location so whether you're looking for a photographer to shoot in-studio, at your location, or you have a special place in mind, Keith will be there to help create images you love. 

Business Head-shots

Business head shots are must for any business professional, small business owner, or professional agent. If you have a website where you advertise yourself and your services, then you need a professional head shot. Remember that image is what is going to make the first impression to your potential client. What kind of impression would you like to make? Let your business portrait be one that speaks of your professionalism and expertise. Your head shot can be done either as an in studio session, or on location. The sessions are quick, and easy, and you'll have your professional headshot up an running before you know it. 

Artistic Portrait Photography

Artistic portraits include portraits for models, actors as well as clients that are looking for something unique and special.  Portrait photography is an artistic means of expression and can be shot using black and white or color film as well as the digital photography.  Keith is one of the few photographers that shoots with film. Film has an ascetic that is unique and beautiful and is often preferred over digital photography by some people. As a Cleveland Ohio portrait photographer Keith loves using the unique vibe of the city in his work and loves shooting portraits sessions at various locations throughout the city. For a more traditional portrait session experience you can choose to have an in studio session. Makeup artists can be made available if you are interested in having a full service portrait session. 

Family Portraits

Family portraits can not only make a great gift, a great piece of art for your own home but can also be enjoyed as an heirloom for generations to come.  Unfortunately family portraits done in portrait mills or by other photographers can be average.  At Keith Alton Photography we don't do average.  Our goal is to deliver a family portrait that brings out the unique personality and dynamic of your family in an artistic family portrait you will cherish forever. You family portrait session can be shot on either digital or film. Keith is a photographer who sees his subjects as not just clients, but collaborators and tailors his shoot to work closely with them to create something uniquely beautiful.