Keith Alton Photography – Swansboro North Carolina Photographer

The Still Image

There is a difference between the still image and moving images. I love both for different reasons. In fact I wanted to focus on moving images at one time. That changed when I began to capture stills. 

There is a timelessness to the sill image that is difficult for me to describe. Either it speaks or it does not. It seems like alchemy, this magic that happens during the photographic process which turns a stolen moment of time, into art. 

I use both film and digital to make my images. Both are beautiful, but I fine more and more I prefer film to digital. There is an organic quality to film that is so exciting. I love developing as well. Having my hand in the process what makes it all worthwhile. 

I would like to both welcome and thank you for visiting my page. As an artist I create art to share, and I am always grateful when someone wants to see my work.